Harmful consequences of drinking reduced for NDSU students

Results from the 2010 CORE Alcohol and Other Drug Survey indicate that more North Dakota State University students are abstaining from alcohol and that those who do consume alcohol are drinking less and experiencing fewer negative consequences.

NDSU’s President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs is in its second year of implementing a three year strategic plan to address high-risk alcohol and other drug use. Progress has been made on five strategic plan outcomes related to student drinking and four have been achieved one year ahead of schedule.

President Dean Bresciani stated, “I am particularly excited that students have reported fewer negative consequences as a result of their alcohol use. We know that for students to be successful, they need to be focused on their academic goals. These survey results suggest that students are getting the message.”

The 2010 CORE Alcohol and Drug survey results show an increase in the percentage of underage students who abstained from drinking in the past 30 days from 36.8 percent in 2008 to 37.9 percent in 2010.

Results also indicated that the number of drinks consumed per week by students is down to 5.13 in 2010, from 5.37 drinks in 2008. Drinks per week have been steadily declining from a high of 6.54 drinks per week in 2005.

In addition to overall drinking and drug use behaviors, the CORE survey measures negative consequences related to drinking or other drug use. Since 2005, NDSU students reported lower rates on 17 out of 19 negative
consequences including driving under the influence (45.8 percent in 2005, 26.6 percent in 2010); missing a class (38.7 percent in 2005, 29.0 percent in 2010); having been in trouble with authorities (17.8 percent in 2005, 12.3 percent in 2010); and performing poorly on a test or project (26.5 percent in 2008, 18.3 percent in 2010).

The survey also showed that more students report using marijuana in the past 30 days than two years ago, from 7.5 percent in 2008 to 11.4 percent in 2010. Nationally, 17.3 percent of students report using marijuana in the past 30 days.

The CORE Alcohol and Other Drug Survey was developed to measure alcohol and other drug usage among college students attending two and four year institutions nationwide. This survey has been administered to NDSU students every other year since 2001. All undergraduate students at NDSU had the opportunity to be included in the survey through a random sampling procedure, which included 795 students. Students were drawn from all ethnic backgrounds, academic colleges, and classes.

The NDSU President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs will use the data to measure progress on its strategic plan. New programs that have been implemented in the past two years include increased late-night programming on Saturday nights, on-line alcohol education for first year students, the LIVE REAL mentor program, and Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS).

For more information regarding the CORE Alcohol and Other Drug Survey or prevention efforts, visit www.ndsu.edu/alcoholinfo or contact Laura Oster-Aaland, Director of Orientation and Student Success at 231.7750 or via e-mail at Laura.Oster-Aaland@ndsu.edu or Erika Beseler Thompson, Assistant Director for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention at 231-5478 or via e-mail at Erika.Beseler@ndsu.edu

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